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to this approach is preventing data management from becoming siloed and disjointed from study operations. We integrate the knowledge and insights from other clinical areas such as clinical monitoring, site management, safety, biostatistics, and regulatory affairs. This allows us to go beyond system edit checks and review data holistically. Using this approach, it’s common for us to quickly identify protocol inconsistencies, site training gaps, and enrollment challenges.

Data management can be paper-based, electronic, or a combination of formats. By utilizing software technology and automating processes, we minimize human error and build data integrity from the outset of a trial. We adhere to timely data review and cross-disciplinary feedback, which allows data to be reviewed and approved as enrollment progresses—not postponed to Last Patient Out. Whether it’s an interim analysis or a final FDA submission, Dyad’s data management will never be the cause of delays in your study.

Data Management Benefits

Data lock within days, not months

Disciplined project and management oversight

An integrated approach to remote data review for improved efficiency during site monitoring visits

STDM standardization for smooth hand-off for submission preparation

  Data Management & Biostatistics  

ata lock within days rather than months. We pride ourselves on our data management processes and rigorous project management approach. Central

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