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Dyad Systems is owned and managed by co-founders Tricia MacMurray and Janet Chien, who both have over 20 years of experience in the life sciences and high-tech industry. We have an in-house core team of partners we collaborate with, an extensive network of subject matter experts, and strategic corporate partners. 


Dyad’s success is a result of the high level of commitment and collaboration between management and partnerships.

hen Dyad opened its doors in 2003, we primarily focused on providing consulting, project rescue, and data management to our clients. We sought

technology-based solutions that could appropriately be applied to clinical trial processes whenever and wherever possible. At the time, most sponsors approached data management from a double data entry solution perspective. We offered a more efficient, and therefore cost-effective, solution that gave our clients a hybrid system under which paper was utilized on the front-end and electronic capture on the back-end.

Through our strong foundation in project management and emphasis on quality, it was obvious to our clients that we brought discipline to the entire spectrum of the clinical trial process. Because of our strong commitment to our clients, we started

offering a larger spectrum of CRO services—monitoring, protocol design, and statistical support capabilities—in 2005. As we continue to offer data management, project rescue, and consulting, we have added the Trial Governance Office (TGO) in which Dyad consults with clients to standardize their clinical operations for their unique environments.

Our focus on high quality starts with a critical CRF review and recommending the use of Electronic Data Capture. We then adjust our approach for course corrections which become necessary during the life of studies. While we enjoy celebrating team achievements, our end-goal is to arrive at data lock as quickly as possible with all other interim achievements viewed with the larger end-goal in mind. We strive to achieve data lock within days, not weeks, of Last Patient Out. We greatly value fast responsiveness, tight process integration, quality, and comprehensive management, while always maintaining the best interest of the study in mind.

  • 20+ years experience in the life sciences and high-tech industry

  • Imbue Partners, Consultant

  • Tribiosys, Director of Services

  • Guardent Inc., VP of Operations & CIO

  • i-Cube, Director of Operations

Janet Chien

  • 20+ years experience in the life sciences and high-tech industry

  • Tribiosys, Director of Sales, founding member

  • i-Cube, Director of Sales

  • Wang Laboratories, Senior Consultant

Tricia MacMurray

Dyad Management
Dyad Management
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