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  Project Management & Study Monitoring  

roject management exists as the foundation of Dyad. We aggressively manage projects and are known as the “project-rescue” team that helps studies avoid

undesirable outcomes. Our project managers and trial personnel are picky, detail-oriented, and forward-thinking planners who are trained in project management methodologies that complement their clinical skills. Dyad invests in technology to integrate data for real-time decision-making and for rapid course corrections that are necessary during the course of multi-center, randomized clinical studies.

Clinical trials are usually the greatest liability on a company’s balance sheet, which is why project management and risk reduction are so important to us.

yad’s monitors are located across the country and are dedicated to clinical

research and monitoring. They have a broad range of inpatient and

outpatient therapeutic experience (ranging from oncology, cardiology, infectious disease, gastroenterology, medical devices, and diagnostics). Our team has experience garnered from publicly traded international CROs, in-house clinical groups, as well as niche, specialty CROs.


Contrary to popular sentiment, we do not see monitoring as a stepping stone or training ground for other career paths. All Dyad monitors have a minimum of 8 years of clinical research experience that must include 5 years of clinical monitoring. Most hold advanced certifications. We hand-pick monitors for each of our projects to ensure the right fit which involves matching therapeutic expertise, previous site relationships, and communication styles. As a result, one of the things you’ll notice with our monitoring teams is the lack of turnover. Even in large, multi-year studies, our monitors stay put and enjoy the relationships they have built with their sites. This is so important for us that it is measured as one of our customer quality metrics on every project.

We believe that client trust, collaborative and creative problem solving, and lightning-fast response times are the hallmarks of Dyad and have been instrumental in our success and innovation.

As a company we are committed to continuous improvement, which has reaped positive results, from our patent pending technology and eTMF solutions to our commitment to ISO 9001 certification.

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